Senior Girl: Interview 6



1)   How does Andover approach racial divisions and diversity on campus? How does this approach integrate minority students into our community?

Honestly, I don’t think Andover discusses race as much as it should. The administration upholds itself to having “Youth from every quarter” and having great diversity among its students, but it tends to not talk about color. There are groups like Af-Lat-Am which is supposed to promote diversity, but it is basically just for minority students. We don’t talk about racial divisions because we don’t want to feel like we have them, even though everyone knows it. No one wants to be the person to call someone else out on it because then we would feel like people are being attacked. 

2)   Are there certain expectations other people have of you because of your race? Do you feel that other students hold you to act to “black or ethnic” stereotypes?

I feel like people at this school expect me to “act black”. As in they expect me to speak with improper grammar or they think I need to be more ghetto in the way I carry myself. Since I don’t act like the way every presumes I should, I’m considered “less black” or not fully black because I work hard and take my work seriously.

3)   Do you think that there is a general assumption on campus about black people and college admissions?

I think there is because everyone assumes that black people get into college because of affirmative action and because certain schools want to fill the their “minority quotas. 


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