During lunch one day my friend told me she would be embarrassed to take me to a family dinner at her country club because of the way I eat my food.


A girl in one of my classes told me that she doesn’t consider me black because I am an “oreo.” What hurt the most about the commit wasn’t the fact that she laughed when she said it but the fact that I laughed along with her.


My roommate told me I looked like her maid….


Can we talk about how they only serve stereotypically black foods in commons on MLK day? 


A friend asked me where I bought my hair from….um I got a discount from God?



I hate it when people say that black people can’t tan. Whenever I am lying out in the warm weather, simply because I love the feeling of warm weather like most people, someone will come up to me and ask why I am tanning. I am enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin I’m not tanning.Nevertheless, if I stay out in the sun, my skin will get darker just like any other person’s will.  People assume that just because you are dark so you can’t get any darker.


You always dance so “ghetto” 


I went to the hospital to give birth and when I said I worked at Andover they asked how I could possibly have so many children in such a short amount of time. They mistook me for another black faculty member who had recently given birth. We look nothing alike. 

Class of ’12

My history 300 teacher asked a question about the NAACP and when it was founded. When no one answered he looked at me waiting for me to respond like I should know the answer just because I am black and the NAACP is supposed to be fighting for my rights.

1909. I know that because I am good at history not because I am black. There is a difference. 


In class my teacher read a poem with the N word in it. She paused and looked at me to see how I would react then continued reading. I just looked down at the floor. I always look down at the floor when we discuss race at school. It is easier than making eye contact with every student who feels the need to look at me and see my reaction to an offensive slur.